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Not satisfied with the quality of our service?

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Our aim is optimal service provision. However, you may be dissatisfied with an aspect of it. If this is the case, you are free to lodge a complaint.

What complaints can you lodge?

The complaints department receives, reviews and deals with complaints relating to:

  • the attitude of our staff;
  • the quality of our services;
  • compliance with procedures;
  • the actual management of complaints.
Only complaints relating to the Enabel operation itself will be deemed admissible. We nevertheless undertake to send non-Enabel-related complaints to the relevant organisation and to keep you informed. You may lodge a complaint up to six months after the incident. Requests for general information should be sent to


What are the exceptions?

  • Some complaints may be subject to legal appeal procedures (when they relate to public procurement contracts, for example). The complaints procedure does not replace appeals procedures defined by law.
  • Complaints relating to issues of integrity (fraud, corruption, etc.) must be sent to the independent Integrity desk:

How do I lodge a complaint?

You will receive a reasoned reply within 35 calendar days at the latest from the date of submission of the form. Anonymous complaints will not be considered.


For more information on the complaints procedure, contact our complaints coordinator:

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