Digital for Development: What is Enabel doing?


Digital technologies provide important means of leverage to foster development, help the most vulnerable populations and deliver better public services. The potential of digitalisation is huge in particular in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.


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Digital for Development (D4D)

We help our partners find digital solutions and we assist them in applying the latest technologies. Simple digital tools (e.g. mobile data collection) as well as advanced technologies (sensors, digital imaging...) are used for monitoring, steering, sound decision making and better development results.

Through the Wehubit programme, we fund digital initiatives originating within the private sector, non-profit organisations or the public sector in the partner countries of the Belgian Development Cooperation. Wehubit supports scaling-up and replication of ‘Digital for Development’ initiatives via grants, loans and equities. Projects which have proven to be successful and which want to move onto a next stage can apply for additional financial support. Calls for proposals are regularly launched on the Wehubit website. 

Digitalisation is not a goal by itself, but a catalyst for development. All our actions are in line with the ‘Digital for Development’ policy paper of the Belgian Development Cooperation and we endorse the nine Principles for Digital Development.

Doing things differently

The many challenges in international development require new ways of thinking and doing. At the head office and in the field, we renew and optimise our internal processes and systems using the latest technologies in communication, management and results monitoring. 

Through our lunchtime Digital Talks we get inspired and showcase specific innovations in partner countries. With our Digital Tours we proactively look for new opportunities for change through new technologies. With our Digital tools we permanently strive for better competences and skills: specific info-sheets, training, strategic partnerships. Have a look at our Digital stories to get inspired. 

Transforming data into knowledge and intelligence

Data are key. We transform data into evidences for sound decision making in development.

We invest in instruments and policy measures to become an open, data-driven organisation (Open.Enabel). We support our partners in the development of ‘open data’ strategies and the use of big data. This ranges from data of telecommunications operators to the provision of geographical information collected by interventions. We enable our partners to build knowledge-driven institutions. 
Wehubit, Investors in impactful digital projects


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Enabel is involved in a project using drones to develop the pineapple sector in Benin. It aims to provide the sector with a sustainable tool to assure further growth.
Enabel supports the Senegalese government in developing its agricultural policy. Digital technologies can play an important role in strengthening and scaling up the efforts made.
Check out our Open Data platform for more project information and updates.
Digitisation is a means to achieve a goal and not a goal in itself
Gijsbert Ooms - Digital for Development/D4D officer


We cooperate with Belgian public bodies to support our projects.


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