Guinea has been a partner country of the Belgian governmental cooperation since 2015. Belgium intends to use this partnership to provide structural support for the social and economic development of the country and human rights.


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The new Belgium-Guinea partnership is twofold. In 2016, an initiating programme was signed, with three interventions entrusted to Enabel. A cooperation programme for the period 2019-2023 was signed in December 2018. This approach must ensure rapid, concrete results for the benefit of the population of Guinea.


We are working in the region of Kindia-Mamou, a trading hub with huge potential in agriculture. The region has a high unemployment rate amongst young people which has already led to a rural exodus. Investments will be made in infrastructures and storage and processing facilities to develop commercial agriculture of rice and vegetables.


Access to drinking water remains a fundamental problem in the Kindia-Mamou region, despite a huge potential in drinking water sources. We will build small drinking water distribution networks which will supply 35,000 people with water. They will be operated by cooperatives, in partnership with the National Water Point Department. In addition, the local population will receive training and awareness will be raised in the fields of water management, maintenance and hygiene.

Capacity development

Our work also includes a training and grant programme for nursing staff and port activities. Added to this is a fund for financing economic studies (ports, etc.) and the coordination of foreign aid.
Enabel implements projects in Guinea, in the domains of the agriculture and water.
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