For more than 50 years, Morocco and Belgium have been working together to boost domestic economic growth and reduce poverty.

What we do

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We accompany Morocco in its national strategies whilst strengthening the competences of staff members in partner institutions.


To significantly increase the revenue of the most vulnerable farmers in the oases, mountain and pre-Saharan areas, Morocco has adopted a social strategy called Pillar II of the Moroccan Green Plan. We assist the development of three value chains in two of these areas: the almond value chain in the Oriental and the date palm and saffron value chain in Draa-Tafilalet and Souss-Massa. We intervene in the stages of planting,processing and also sales, whilst ensuring the fragile environment of the ecosystems concerned is preserved.

Water and Sanitation

Morocco is pursuing an ambitious programme to connect four out of five households in cities and towns to the sewage system and to reduce pollution from waste water by at least 60% in fifteen years (by 2020). We contribute to this programme by supporting the National Electricity and Drinking Water Agency with dealing with liquid waste in 40 small towns, to achieve a positive impact on the environment and improve the living conditions of approximately 600,000 inhabitants.

Capacity development

The performance and effectiveness of the Moroccan administration constitutes a lever for economic and social development. By training the staff of our Moroccan partner institutions, we improve their functioning and their public service delivery.


In Taliouine, in southern Morocco, some 3,000 families grow saffron, an important source of revenue for most of them. Go up the value chain of the precious spice and meet the women and men who make it happen.
Enabel implements agriculture, water and sanitation projects in Morocco.
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