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Since 1965 Belgium has supported Morocco in a wide range of sectors including health, water and sanitation, education, vocational training, and agriculture.


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Enabel broadened its field of action in 2018 to migration and civil servants digital capacity development.


To significantly increase the revenue from the most vulnerable farmers in the oases, mountain and pre-Saharan regions Morocco has adopted a social strategy called Pillar II of the Moroccan Green Plan. Whilst preserving the fragile environment of the ecosystems, we support the development of three value chains: the almond value chain in the Oriental, and the date palm and saffron value chains in Souss-Massa and Draa-Tafilalet. We provide long-term support throughout the value chain: upstream, by training farmers in agricultural practices; and downstream, by accompanying them in creating and managing cooperatives and Economic Interest Groups and in commercialising their products.

Water and Sanitation

We support the National Water Strategy, particularly by increasing production capacities; developing water distribution networks and improving water quality; the processing of waste water prior to discharge; the development of sanitation networks; access to sanitation infrastructure in rural schools; management, preservation and protection of water resources; reduction of vulnerability to natural risks; modernisation of IT systems. In the water sector, with communication for development (C4D) we back infrastructure works throughout the process to increase ownership and involvement of stakeholders.

Capacity development

The performance and effectiveness of the Moroccan administration constitutes a lever for economic and social development. By training staff of Moroccan institutions with which we work, they can function better and better deliver services to the citizens. Many partners benefited from training scholarships for Morocco and Belgium in the water, agriculture, gender, environment and governance sectors. In 2018, capacity development of civil servants primarily targets digitisation in the administration.


Belgium supports Morocco in implementing its migration policies by sharing its experience as a country of immigration and using the competencies of Moroccans living in Belgium. Thus, the Migration Policy Management Support Programme focuses on economic integration of migrants aiming to improve their employability in Morocco; on coaching Moroccans living in Belgium in creating businesses in Morocco; and on improving migrants’ and refugees’ access to their rights by actors capacity development allowing such access.


In response to the health crisis, Enabel Morocco and its partners have identified urgent actions to help the most vulnerable people cope with the pandemic.
In Taliouine, in southern Morocco, some 3,000 families grow saffron, an important source of revenue for most of them. Go up the value chain of the precious spice and meet the women and men who make it happen.
Enabel implements agriculture, water and sanitation projects in Morocco.
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