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Rwanda is among the three largest beneficiaries of Belgian development cooperation. This cooperation supports Rwanda’s sustainable development agenda for the socioeconomic welfare of its population.


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The new Belgo-Rwandan partnership 2019–2024 focuses on three main sectors in line with the priorities of the Rwandan government.


Rwandan health care services have improved significantly, however, major challenges remain. For instance, in many rural areas the quality of and access to health care services are not optimal yet.

Belgium provides support to the construction and rehabilitation of health infrastructure and to capacity development of health institutions, in order to improve access to primary health care. A strong focus is put on reproductive and sexual health services, in line with Rwanda’s ambition to ensure access to quality health for all.

Belgium will be the first to implement support to reproductive and sexual health through Results-based Financing, linking incentives with agreed upon results.


Rwanda’s urban population is expected to increase from 18.5% in 2015 to 41.,2% in 2050. This rapid urbanisation is a challenge which, if well managed, can offer opportunities for job creation and economic development. Rubavu, Musanze and Rwamagana are emerging cities with a high economic potential due to tourism assets, fertile land and proximity to bigger cities like Kigali and Goma (DRC). We support these three cities to develop their local economy, and advise local authorities on urban planning for economic development. We improve the infrastructure of market places and build roads connecting these commercial centers. In addition, Enabel works with the Government of Rwanda and local companies to address challenges of technology, standards and management experience. We also provide training to the construction sector.


As the backbone of Rwanda’s economy, agriculture and agribusiness are crucial for its growth and poverty reduction. The agricultural sector accounts for 39% of GDP and nearly three quarters of Rwanda’s employment. But challenges such as low levels of productivity and inefficient farming practices need to be tackled in order to contribute to economic development and job creation.

Jointly with the World Bank, the United Kingdom and Holland, Belgium supports the Rwandan Ministry of Agriculture to implement Rwanda’s Strategic Plan for the Transformation of Agriculture. This aims to reform agriculture from a subsistence sector into a knowledge-based value-creating sector contributing to the national economy and ensuring food and nutrition security.

Learning & capacity building

Belgium supports the public finance management sector, aiming to increase its effectiveness and sustainability at central and local government levels. In addition, our study and consultancy fund is open to public institutions, non-governmental actors and associations of private sector actors in Rwanda.
Enabel implements projects in Rwanda, primarily in the domains of health, agriculture and urbanisation.
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