Rwanda is the second largest recipient of Belgian development assistance. Belgium and Rwanda have been working together for 54 years to improve the health, the living conditions and the income of 12 million Rwandans.


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We intervene in three sectors, chosen with the Rwandan government in function of its priorities.


Over the past few years, healthcare services have improved significantly. Still, major challenges remain. For instance, in many rural areas the quality of and access to health care services are not optimal yet. 

We provide direct financial support to the health sector in Rwanda through sector budget support. In addition, we intervene to improve access to primary health care through the construction and rehabilitation of health infrastructures as well as through capacity development of health sector institutions and actors.


In 2010, less than 10% of Rwandans were connected to the grid. Belgium helps the Government of Rwanda to reach its goal of providing electricity to 70% of the population in the next few years. 

Our projects focus on rural electrification or the production of electricity from renewable sources and reforestation for remote areas. We also help the national electricity company, Energy Utility Corporation Limited (EUCL), with the management of its finances and workforce and with the maintenance of its electricity production, transportation and distribution infrastructure.


Since 2008, Rwanda has been investing in decentralisation to strengthen the involvement of local authorities and help them develop the local economy. 

We advise and train local administrations so they can improve public service delivery. By means of a fund, we also provide local authorities with means for projects to stimulate and diversify the economy, which still mostly depends on agriculture.
Enabel implements projects in Rwanda, primarily in the domains of health, energy and decentralisation.


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