Twigire Muhinzi

Twigire Muhinzi. Farmer Field School Approach. Farmer Promoter Approach

This paper reflects a summary of the two studies/reports commissioned by MINAGRI/SPAT-II/BTC Rwanda:

(1) Capitalization of experiences with and results of the Twigire Muhinzi agricultural extension model in Rwanda - Twigire Muhinzi: how does it works and what are the results? (2016)  Bertus Wennink and Remco Mur, Royal Tropical Institute of the Netherlands

(2) Provision of Agricultural Advisory Services to Farmers in Rwanda - Results of a household survey (2016) Remco Mur, Juvenal Munyarugerero, Bertus Wennink. Royal Tropical Institute of the Netherlands.

Both reports can be downloaded from

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