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Our actions to combat the Covid-19 virus in videos

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For several decades, Enabel has been assisting the governments of various of its partner countries to build resilient and effective health systems. This experience is now also proving relevant in the light of the enormous challenges the COVID-19 crisis poses for many countries.

Morocco - The date trade, from the souk to online sales.

Rwanda - Enabel partnered with the Rwandan Ministry of Health and local government authorities to mitigate the negative impact of the virus on people’s lives.

Palestine -  Enabel supports local government units to quickly respond to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Senegal - 450,000 euro to combat the Covid-19 health emergency

Uganda - Setting up a distance learning strategy together with the Ugandan Ministry of Education and Sports

Benin - Some remote communities do not have sufficient means to protect themselves. Enabel therefore adapted its health programme to support the government of Benin in its response.

Palestine - Video awareness campaign on the positive environmental impact of to the Covid-19 lockdown measures.

Guinea - Together with the Guinean authorities, Enabel has carried out several actions to combat the spread of Covid-19: awareness-raising campaign, distribution of material, support to companies,...

Morocco - Enabel supports Moroccan civil servants in the transition to teleworking.

Mali - Enabel is assisting Mali's public services to deal with the covid-19 crisis.


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