03 November 2020

Análise do SIG na Gestão Sustentável dos Recursos Energéticos e Minerais em Moçambique

O relatório apresenta um plano para a introdução do Sistema de Informação Geográfica (SIG) e a utilização de dados espaciais no sector da energia em Moçambique. Mais concretamente, apresenta uma análise do contexto actual e das necessidades existentes do Ministério dos Recursos Minerais e Energia (MIREME) e propõe um modelo organizacional e recomendações para a melhoria deste tipo de ferramentas na instituição.

The report provides a road map for the introduction of Geographical Information System (GIS) and spatial data usage in the energy sector in Mozambique.

More specifically, it provides an analysis of the current context and existing needs of the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy (MIREME) and proposes an organizational model and recommendations for the improvement of these type of tools in the institution.

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08 June 2024

Investing in the future: 2023 – 2024 Activity report

Find out why we have to upcycle international cooperation. Why Enabel is not only a Belgian, but also a European and African agency. Find out about the starting of activities in a new country: Ukraine. About the launch of activities in the green hydrogen sector.

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27 April 2024

14th Global Forum on Migration and Development – Key takeaways

Read some key takeaways of Enabel's participation in the 14th Global Forum on Migration and Development, which took place in January 2024.

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27 April 2024

Stations for Skills development in the 21st century

Enabel has introduced a new manual for individuals aged 16 to 29 who are seeking employment or training prospects.

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27 July 2023

Enabel and OECD Team Up To Boost Innovation

Enabel collaborated with the OECD to analyse and improve innovation activities in Benin, Morocco, and Palestine.

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11 July 2023

A manifesto for Community driven processes for climate responsive design

Community-driven design fosters functional & sustainable climate-responsive solutions. This manifesto presents case studies.

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24 April 2023

#EnablingChange: 2022 – 2023 Activity report

The 2022-2023 Activity Report brings a closer look at some of the topics, events, achievements and ideas that received special attention in 2022. We look back on an exciting year, which already contains the seeds of a future that is at least as interesting.

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