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Uganda and Belgium have been partners for 21 years. Together we strive to improve the quality of education and healthcare to ensure all Ugandans lead healthy and productive lives.

What we do

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We work in close collaboration with the Ugandan government and focus on strengthening the skills of staff in partner institutions.


Although access to education increased in the last 15 years, the quality of education is still insufficient. The teaching profession is not highly valued and teacher colleges have a bad reputation. Unemployment is high, especially among young people. 

Together with the Ministry of Education and Sports, Enabel supports the (re)construction and (re)supplying of four National Teacher Colleges. Besides this, we train lecturers on students-based teaching and learning methods. We also support the implementation of the ‘Skilling Uganda Strategy’, which aims to increase the employability of youth through better quality of instruction and learning in practical skills development.


Poor health service delivery remains a big challenge for the country. Many Ugandans do not yet have access to basic quality health care and health centres are often underequipped and understaffed.

Together with the Ministry of Health, we strengthen health services and primary health care on a local level in both public and private facilities through capacity building of medical staff and result based financing. With the latter mechanism, the selected hospitals and health centres are financially rewarded for good performance and they are guided in offering the best possible service to patients.  


Amidst one of the worst health crises the world’s seen in recent history, the Belgian embassy, and Belgian organisations VVOB and Enabel joined forces to co-chair the Education Development Partners group in Uganda. ‘Team Belgium’ took up the...
Covid-19 has severely disrupted education worldwide. Including in Uganda, where distance education is not a given. Enabel proposes its "Sandbox" strategy.
So far, Uganda has managed to keep the Covid-19 infection rate low. To further curb the spread, the Ugandan government also wants to focus on communication for behaviour change. Enabel offers its support.
Enabel implements projects in Uganda, primarily in the domains of education and health.


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