Stories of a changing world. Stories of men and women affected by our projects. Stories of how we work and what we aim to achieve.

stories of change

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Today, assistance to trade in partner countries is thinking out of the export support box and explores new approaches such as support to the private sector. Objective? Maximise the impact of each euro invested in development.
The financing structure of cooperation projects is completely changing and national governments are not the sole donors of their development agencies any more. Belgium is no exception to that rule.
Good Human Resources management is an essential, but often forgotten, part of qualitative service delivery. Read more about how we work towards  this in Ugandan hospitals and schools.
The infrastructure projects of the Belgian Development Cooperation have much changed over the past years. Find out why in this interview with Benoit Legrand, head of our Infrastructure and Environment unit. 
Most girls in Niger leave school before they have finished their studies. The Sarraounia project tries to reverse this trend by boosting the girls' self-confidence.
Environmental and climate action becomes increasingly important in our development projects. This requires a genuine change management culture, based on local involvement.


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Keep up-to-date with our latest activities and with international development trends from a Belgian perspective.