24 August 2022

Social Health Protection – A path to fight against inequalities

A hospital in Niger. Doctor standing outside the facility, while a woman and man arrive on a motorcycle with their baby.

Every country in the world faces the challenge of protecting its population. But how to set up social protection? Where to start?

At Enabel we are convinced that access to health care is a human right, and that a strong and lasting political commitment is needed to achieve this. Read more about our vision in the brochure we published on the subject.

You can also find 8 fact sheets describing different aspects of the implementation of social protection in health:

  1. The role of health-care performance pricing in the organisation of Social Health Protection/Universal Health Insurance
  2. Incorporation of free-of-charge policies in a single national system of Social Health Protection/Universal Health Insurance
  3. Contracting process
  4. The role of advocacy for health service users and the whole population in a SHP/UHI framework
  5. Role and engagements of states in SHP
  6. Operationalising and professionalising a single national SHP/UHI Insurance system
  7. Options for the organisation of Social Health Protection (SHP) and Universal Health Insurance (UHI)
  8. Building universal health insurance that maximises equity: risk analysis and mitigation measures, a decision support tool

More updates and resources

people at a roundtable Resources

27 April 2024

14th Global Forum on Migration and Development – Key takeaways

Read some key takeaways of Enabel's participation in the 14th Global Forum on Migration and Development, which took place in January 2024.

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young people at Station J Resources

27 April 2024

Stations for Skills development in the 21st century

Enabel has introduced a new manual for individuals aged 16 to 29 who are seeking employment or training prospects.

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Three girls laughing while working with a 3D printer. News

27 July 2023

Enabel and OECD Team Up To Boost Innovation

Enabel collaborated with the OECD to analyse and improve innovation activities in Benin, Morocco, and Palestine.

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cover of the manifesto Resources

11 July 2023

A manifesto for Community driven processes for climate responsive design

Community-driven design fosters functional & sustainable climate-responsive solutions. This manifesto presents case studies.

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men enjoying the shade in a national teachers college in uganda Resources

24 April 2023

#EnablingChange: 2022 – 2023 Activity report

The 2022-2023 Activity Report brings a closer look at some of the topics, events, achievements and ideas that received special attention in 2022. We look back on an exciting year, which already contains the seeds of a future that is at least as interesting.

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24 January 2023

Result of the Strategic Evaluation TVET & Employment

The results of the Strategic Evaluation in the field of TVET & Employment were presented on Wednesday 21 December to an attentive audience of Enabel colleagues and our external networks (SES, DGD, APEFE, via Don Bosco, Educaidbe, ETM, AUF, E-duForm, …). Recommendations on the effectiveness, relevance, sustainability, equality (gender, inclusion), digitalisation and quality of our monitoring systems were presented and widely discussed.

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