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Our development efforts will be worthwhile only if we step up the fight for equality between women and men.


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Gender equality is as it were a red thread woven throughout all of our interventions. We also have specific gender projects, in particular education projects for girls and projects against violence against women.

Education and decision-making

The right to education is a prerequisite for creating economic, social and political opportunities. In our technical and vocational training programmes issues regarding access to education and continued school attendance of girls are systematically taken into account; and so is the creation of a safe and healthy environment that is conducive to learning and empowerment. 

In addition, we address both women and men with our capacity development activities.

Finally, incorporating gender issues and fostering the participation of women in the decision-making process when elaborating our partners' policies, plans, programmes and budgets is a focus of attention.

Health and sexual and reproductive rights

Promoting and protecting sexual and reproductive rights – including HIV response – are key to women's empowerment and the well-being of households. We address these rights throughout our health, agriculture, education and other programmes and we involve men and local authorities in the process. Addressing the subject of family planning remains a challenge at the heart of the dialogue with our partners. Finally, we contribute to the fight against sexual violence with awareness-raising activities and the improvement of care given to victims.

Food security and food sovereignty

The bulk of people living in poverty live in a rural environment. For women it is increasingly hard to obtain land (land and inheritance rights) or to access to markets and formation, even though they are key players in the production, processing and commercialisation of food. By ensuring equal access to land, inputs, technical training and business opportunities, we support their income-generating potential. Our agricultural programmes in particular work with women's cooperatives help them to get more organised and to involve women in the management of the value chains (from production to sales).


It is estimated that globally 200 million girls and women have undergone FGM. In Burkina Faso the majority of women have been cut. Together with communities and the government of Burkina Faso, Enabel works to put an end to this practice; 
Sandra Galbusera is Enabel’s Resident Representative in Niger. Her role is to manage the programmes and ensure that they are carried out well. Behind this representative is a person who listens to people around her and to her team members. Today,...
Gender equality is part of Enabel’s DNA and is already underlying its projects. Now, Enabel will include an in-depth reflection on the social and cultural context of its interventions in order to maximise the likelihood of a positive outcome.
We pay attention to gender equality in all our interventions. We also carry out specific projects, in particular in Niger (education for girls) and in DR Congo (fight against violence against women).
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