06 September 2023

Enabel advises Mozambique for African Climate Summit

participants at the africa climate summit

As part of the 2023 African Climate Summit, to be held from 4 to 6 September in Nairobi, Kenya, the Mozambican government, together with Enabel and the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, is organising a roundtable on energy transition in Mozambique.


The round table discussion is chaired by the Mozambican Minister Maibaze of Land and Environment. Enabel facilitates the participation in the climate summit of a number of Mozambican experts from the Ministry of Energy and the energy fund FUNAE. Within the framework of Belgian governmental cooperation with Mozambique, Enabel’s climate experts advise the Mozambican government on energy transition and carbon markets, and guide bilateral discussions between the Mozambican government and other participants, such as multilateral organisations and bilateral donors.

“Mozambique aims to position itself as a destination of excellence in Africa for investments in renewable energy infrastructure and green industrialization,” says Enabel’s climate expert Adriaan Tas.

The round table is to inform partners about the progress in relation to the elaboration of Mozambique’s Energy Transition Strategy and Roadmap, and to start discussions on possible investment opportunities. The discussions will be instrumental to gather knowledge and feedback from partners on lessons learned from implementing and coordinating Energy Transition Strategies (including Just Energy Transition Partnerships) in other countries.

Mozambique has unrivalled renewable and low carbon energy resources that could significantly contribute to a green energy transition, not only domestically but also in the wider Southern African region and globally, with the LNG exports. By prioritizing the development of the hydro potential of the Zambezi river, Mozambique is showing real leadership on a program of investment that has the potential to accelerate Southern Africa’s energy transition and decouple the region’s development from damaging the planet.

As the impacts of accelerating climate change are felt most by low-income countries, Mozambique wants to position itself as a leader in the Energy Transition that the African continent will go through in the coming years. Apart from the economic development and positive environmental impact, the planned Energy Transition will focus on preservation and promotion of dignified standards of living to all Mozambicans.

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