Junior Programme

Become a Junior Expert

The Junior Programme is open to young experts of European nationality and young residents of the 14 partner countries of the Belgian Development Cooperation. Young people with technical and vocational education backgrounds are also eligible.


To project yourself into your future role, find out about jobs filled by other young people. Like you, they have chosen to work in international solidarity.

Each job description includes the purpose of the job, the role and the various tasks of the JE. There are more jobs than those listed here.




Examples of positions

Willem – Junior Expert in Infrastructure for rural development for Enabel


  • Master Civil Engineering (Architecture)

Function category:

  • Infrastructure


  • Kigoma in Tanzania. 

Job objective: 

  • This function aims to support the roll-out of the construction of stone arch bridges in 6 districts of Kigoma region. 
  • In collaboration with TARURA (Tanzania Rural & Urban Roads Agency) Willem contributes to quality control, training of TARURA staff and craftsman so that a local pool of expertise is available in Kigoma region after the closure of the project. 

JE’s role and tasks:  

  • As civil engineer, contribute to the preparation of essential technical documents per bridge  in order to expect realistic assessment of costs and reliable construction;
  • Supervise the building works: Contribute to the quality control of bridges in order to ensure high standards of construction and that timelines and construction budgets are respected;
  • Contribute to effective communication and appropriate technology promotion in order to raise awareness of the broader public and support Tanzanian roads agency.

Project name:
SAKIRP (Projet régional à Kigoma dans l’agriculture durable) 

Link to open.enabel.be

Thomas – Junior Expert in Digital Information Management with Humanity & Inclusion


  • Bachelor in Social Work + Master in Political Science

Function category:

  • Digitalisation, M&E, Knowledge Management 


  • Kampala in Uganda 

Job objective:

  • This function aims to develop and implement a digitalisation strategy for the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning aspects. This leads to stronger capacity within the NGO to monitor projects and evaluate impact, to have a stronger accountability of the actions towards donors, authorities and beneficiaries and to stronger evidence-based knowledge management.  

JE’s role and tasks : 

  • Define and implement the Information Management Action Plan: identify main areas for improvement; organize mobile data collection, develop databases and visuals;
  • Benchmark and propose innovative digital solutions:  develop capacity building in digital solutions for the local staff and give technical support where needed;
  • Ensure that the digital data management is compatible with standards of other agencies: participate in  internal and external meetings with other organisations and authorities and organize workshops.

Project name:
Humanity & Inclusion Uganda Mission
Link to hi-us.org


Aurélie – Junior Expert Empowerment of children and youths for Kiyo


  • Master in Cognitive and Behavioural Neurosciences

Function category:

  • Human rights


  • Bujumbura in Burundi. 

Job objective:

  • The function’s aim is to strengthen the participation and empowerment of children and young people in the activities and projects implemented by the partners of KIYO. KIYO wants to ensure that all children have the opportunity and are able to know, claim and realise their rights.

JE’s role and tasks:

  • Train partners in the tools and methods developed by KIYO;
  • Provide technical support to partners in the implementation of empowerment and participation activities that enable children and young people to promote and defend their rights;
  • Facilitate exchanges and good practices on the implementation of these themes.

Project name:
Jointly, for the rights of all – KIYO
Link to kiyo-ngo.be


Saphia – Junior Expert Labour Market for Enabel


  • Master in International Relations 

Function category:

  • Education, Training & Employment 


  • Conakry in Guinea 

Job objective:

  • The function’s aim is to develop and promote quality salaried employment opportunities for young people in Guinea in the intervention regions of the INTEGRA-Enabel programme. 

JE’s role and tasks:

  • Survey labour market needs: organise surveys / ad-hoc market studies at local level to better orientate the demand for employment (promising sectors, employment opportunities)
  • Create alliances with the private sector: set up a database of economic operators who offer paid jobs to young beneficiaries
  • Promote decent work and employment for women in occupations usually reserved for men
  • Build knowledge and produce useful materials for training and for the formulation of new programmes in the area of youth employment.

Project name:

INTEGRA-Enabel or Support programme for the socio-economic integration of young people in the Republic of Guinea (Conakry and Mamou) 
Link to open.enabel.be

Skills sought

Junior Experts (JEs) are neither interns nor volunteers. They are an integral part of the project team. The JE has a job description with defined objectives and deliverables. The skills expected of a future Junior Expert are :

  • Problem resolution
  • Respect
  • Team work and conflict management
  • Stress management
  • Self-development

Country of assignment

The Junior Expert is assigned to one of the following 14 partner countries: Morocco, Palestine, Mali, Senegal, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Niger, Benin, DR Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania and Mozambique.

Schedule of job postings

For the European or national experts, i.e. from the 14 partner countries, two publication periods are planned per calendar year. Generally in March (cycle 1) and in September (cycle 2), but subject to change.

Discover the selection calendar for European experts :

Junior experts are visiting a project, taking notes and talking to people.

Apply for the Junior Programme

If you are interested in the Junior Programme, you can apply online twice a year. We will post about 15 Junior Expert job offers.

Mind however:

  • Check the admission requirements (see the FAQ Am I eligible?);
  • The recruitment cycles take place in March (cycle 1) and September (cycle 2), subject to change;
  • The jobs are posted for a period of approximately 10 working days;
  • The page with the job offers will only be activated during the period of publication of the jobs;
  • Applicants may apply for several jobs at the same time;
  • Mind this information : our job offers are published in the language of the country (English or French).  English-speaking countries are Mozambique, Palestine, Rwanda, and Uganda.  French-speaking countries are Burundi, Guinea, Morocco, and Senegal. 

⚠️ Cycle 2 (September) of job offers for young experts with the European nationality will be open between 17 September and 30 September 2024 at midnight (Brussels time).

Apply online on our recruitment website. Positions are published in the language of the country (English or French)

⚠️ New vacancies for young residents of Uganda and Rwanda will be available on the recruitment platforms of each country. Keep your eyes open!


Online application form

Your online application will consist of a CV to be completed (as accurately as possible) and a motivation letter. Instructions for creating your CV account:

  • While waiting for the next posting of jobs, you can already create your CV account in the online recruitment system.
  • Make sure you save/keep the e-mail address and password used for accessing your account.
  • Choose French, Dutch or English via the language choice icon at the top right-hand side of the screen. The choice of language determines the language in which you will do the written and spoken selection tests.
  • Be sure to check the items marked with an asterisk. They must be filled in.
  • You can access your CV online at any time. By logging into your account, you can update your CV.
  • Make sure you regularly to save the changes you make. You can also save a PDF copy of your application.

During the job posting period, you can log in to your account and apply for the job(s) you are interested in. Your online application will consist of a CV to be completed (as accurately as possible) and a motivation letter. This should include your interest in the job as well as your reasons for joining the Junior Programme.

  • Update your CV.
  • Copy your motivation letter in the box provided. You can also attach it.
  • You will also be asked to answer a few additional questions and to certify that you fulfil all requirements for admission to the Junior Programme (at the latest, the last day of publication of jobs). Mind however: If you are selected but it appears later that you do not fulfil one or more of the requirements, your application will be immediately annulled.


Any application sent by e-mail or any other means or outside the publication period will not be considered.

I am a young European expert

Find more information here (admission requirements, selection process, salary package, support & development as some interesting FAQ.

I am a young expert living in one of the partner countries of the Belgian international cooperation

The new criteria have not yet been officially validated by the Belgian government. More information will follow as soon as possible.

I’m a young technical or vocational skills expert

The new criteria have not yet been officially validated by the Belgian government. More information will follow as soon as possible.

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