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Congo is one of the most important partners of the Belgian Development Cooperation. Since 2000, Belgium and Congo have worked together to improve the living conditions and the income of 16 million people in Congo.


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We primarily intervene in the provinces in three sectors, which were chosen in function of the country's policy priorities and for their impact on economic growth and the reduction of poverty.

Agriculture and rural development

Almost 80% of the population live in rural areas. Agriculture is the principal sector of the economy. Congo aims to re-boost its rural areas by developing modern production entities and by strengthening small businesses.

We support this vision by intervening in family businesses following three axes: first, we aim to improve the volume and quality of farm production; second, we support processing, storage and marketing activities; and third, we help improve access to production areas by rehabilitating rural roads and river ferries. 


Congo faces the major challenge of developing a professional education and training offer that is relevant and adapted to the needs of society and businesses. The country must meet the aspirations of its youth, which constitutes the major part of the population.

Our support in the education sector focuses on technical and vocational education and training, which is considered a priority domain for the country's development as it needs a qualified workforce. Special attention is paid to gender equality in our education projects.


Our health programme, which is deployed in three provinces, aims to improve the population’s physical and financial access to quality health care. This implies not only support to health centres and hospitals, but also support to the management of the health system. Special attention is paid to providing comprehensive care to victims of sexual violence. We also assist the central Ministry of Health with putting in place a quality medication distribution system; developing sustainable and transparent financing of the sector; and assuring competent medical staff.


Enabel launches a pilot project in the Congolese metropolis of Mbuji-Mayi to generate energy from human excrement.
 In DR Congo, most households struggle to access a correct source of drinking water. But how do you solve this when there is no electricity either? Enabel tackles the problem together with local partners.
On Saturday 11 April, Enabel delivered four fully-equipped ambulances to its Congolese partner.
Enabel implements projects in DR Congo, primarily in the domains of rural development, education and health.
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