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Tanzania has been a partner country of the Belgian governmental cooperation since 1982. Belgium contributes to Tanzania’s National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty.


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The joint efforts of the Tanzanian and Belgian governments concentrate on two priority sectors in the Kigoma Region: basic infrastructure for water and sanitation, and sustainable agriculture.

Water and sanitation

We support the Tanzanian Ministry of Water in developing water supply and sanitation in remote areas. We develop technical solutions to improve access to water in rural areas on the one hand, and we build capacity within the communities for better water management on the other hand. Proper water management by local communities will enhance the sustainability of water and sanitation infrastructures and services.

Sustainable agriculture

We support the Tanzanian Government in developing the value chain of agricultural crops and in increasing private sector participation in the development of commercial agricultural industries.

In order to ensure a maximum impact, we focus on two value chains with highest impact on food security and revenues generation for both women and men. Concretely, the cassava and beans value chains will serve as entry points in optimizing agricultural value chains in Kigoma Region, from production, processing to marketing.  


In rural Tanzania, it is very expensive to use industrial materials, while labour is cheap. The stone arch technology capitalises on this fact by using local materials in a labour intensive process, reducing the cost with 80%.
Food security & digitalization - The Maisha Bora programme brings together 15 organizations with expertise in water engineering, microfinance, animal health and nutrition to improve food security and pastoral livelihoods of the Maasai...
Enabel implements projects in Tanzania, primarily in the domains of agriculture, water and sanitation.


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