Belgium has been supporting the Government of Mozambique in its fight against poverty since 2001, when several provinces were affected by flooding.


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Mozambique ranks 180 (out of 188 countries) in the Human Development Index. One in four people live in poverty. Many efforts are made to improve access to resources, infrastructure and services, in particular in the most vulnerable rural areas.

Agriculture and rural development

We support food and nutrition security programmes in the six northern districts of the Gaza province, a very arid region that is especially vulnerable to climate change.

Our water supply and sanitation project aims to provide access to drinking water to 45,000 persons by 2017, i.e. more than 20% of the targeted rural population.

In addition, we facilitate the coordination of the Belgian Fund for Food Security, that finances the interventions of several agencies of the United Nations and of Belgian NGOs operating in the province. 

Renewable energy

We support the National Energy Fund (FUNAE) aiming to provide more than 600 public health centres, schools and local administrations with renewably sourced energy. The buildings concerned are located in rural areas that are so remote and isolated that it is not justified or profitable to connect them to the grid considering the distances that have to be bridged. Thus, we aim to stimulate economic development and to improve service delivery to citizens.

Also, we support FUNAE to improve its functioning and to develop the technical and administrative competences of its staff members. 


Mozambique is also a partner country of Flanders' public authorities. Their aid is concentrated in the health sector. Under this framework, we build housing for health workers in rural areas to retain medical staff in remote areas, and we strengthen the financial and coordination management capacities of the Ministry of Health.
Enabel's projects in Mozambique focus on rural development and renewable energy.


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